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13. FEBRUARY 2020

Town & Country Haus supports house builders with digital sampling

The Town & Country Haus Lizenzgeber GmbH, the nationwide leading brand in licensed solid house construction and the most frequently built brand house in Germany, provides its customers and construction partners with a software-supported sampling portal for the selection of house equipment for the approximately 40 different house types. Digital sampling based on Intershop creates an additional interactive collaboration offering that is expected to generate further growth.

28. NOVEMBER 2019

Frankly, I would use a DAM!

One of our technology partners here at Intershop is Cloudinary, a cloud-based solution for image and video management and digital asset management (DAM). It harnesses AI-based technologies to remove traditional media management pain-points, allowing brands to focus on delivering optimal digital experiences faster, no matter where their customers are engaging.

5. DECEMBER 2019

#Good2Great: Intershop and Incentro Spain

Incentro is proud part of a best-of-breed network. Therefore, they have chosen Intershop for when it comes to e-commerce. Reflecting that, at Incentro Spain, there are currently 15 certified engineers in the Intershop Certified Professional program.

21. NOVEMBER 2019

From Good to Great: That was Intershop inpulse 2019

“Team, we’ve got more than 260 registrations, it’s going to be a blast!” That was the first message the organizers shared with the rest of the team on November 14 at the Eventresidenz in Dusseldorf. After that, the rest of the day was a clockwork of shared expertise, trust, great technology and an amazing community of customers, partners and Intershop experts.

26. NOVEMBER 2019

Sparkling Stars: These are our Partners of the Year!

The Intershop inpulse was not the only reason why Dusseldorf was the place to be for our community. For the evening before November 14, we invited our technology and implementation partners to a “sparkling” night, to thank them for their engagement and to present this year’s partner awards.

13. NOVEMBER 2019

Datasolution is Business Partner of the Year France

We are inspired by our ever-growing, amazing partner network. For a perfect start into tomorrow's #ISHinpulse2019 we today gathered to taste champagne and celebrate our Partners of the Year!

11. NOVEMBER 2019

Progressive Web Apps: Merge 2 into 1!

There is a feasible pressure to innovate e-commerce. This is further intensified by the influence of mobile commerce. It is no longer sufficient to simply offer an online shop in order to meet the mobile demands of the market.

22. OCTOBER 2019

10 Minutes About Evident

Herbert Pesch is co-founder of Evident. He is chairman of the B2B digital commerce group and consults B2B clients on a strategic level in the digital arena. He often hosts and moderates B2B industry events. With 100+ experts in business design and technology in both Utrecht and Lisbon, Evident helps B2B companies grow in an ever-changing digital world.

23. OCTOBER 2019

INCENTRO brought the future to Supermarkets in Netherland!

With a smart App and Intershop you can not only shopping for food, but have a smart assistant always with you? Are you running out of ketchup? Take a picture of the bottle, with Google Image Recognition the app will find the right product and add it to the basket.

7. OCTOBER 2019

Minimizing food waste: Martin & Servera links Intershop solution to Karma App

Swedish wholesaler Martin & Servera, which sells food, beverages and related equipment to gastronomy, is now fully connected to Karma App services to reduce food waste.

10. SEPTEMBER 2019

10 Minutes About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Since Microsoft and Intershop joined hands, customers can benefit from many advantages. The most important one: Accelerate your online growth. We asked Microsoft’s Estelle Delessard, Marketing Manager Dynamics 365 France, all about it.

14. NOVEMBER 2019

Intershop inpulse 2019

Running a successful online channel: You know what it takes and you know the pitfalls. The world of online commerce is ever changing and challenging. Intershop inpulse accelerates your success online. It’s this year’s must-visit event for everybody in e-commerce, from business manager to developer.

23. JULY 2019

Machine Learning-based Personalized Content

Lately, when I was browsing for a smartphone, I found a web page with really helpful articles and discussions. They even courteously provided a link to a shop where you can buy some of them. And so I gave it a go. Sadly though, it was one of these shops where you find everything but what you’re looking for. I clicked through some categories, used the search, clicked on one or two products and then resolved to type Amazon in the URL bar of the browser.

4. MAY 2019

Azure SQL Database and SQL Server - a dramatic leap in software performance

Since establishing itself as a pioneer in e-commerce, Intershop has never looked back—building up a global customer base and seizing the opportunities of the cloud. But supporting its software with database solutions sometimes led to complex and expensive licensing, over-provisioning instead of flexible scale, and fewer cloud benefits for its customers. Dedicated to offering its customers the best options, Intershop migrated to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Customers are already reporting dramatic leaps in performance, and Intershop has made its e-commerce services even more attractive across new markets.

28. MAY 2019

Go live for Service Champ

After a ton of hard work, creative ingenuity, and focus on delivering the Quick Lube’s BEST eCommerce platform, is accepting orders today! Appreciate all the support from our fantastic team and partners at DSS Partners and #Intershop.

30. APRIL 2019

How does Artificial Intelligence transform your online commerce?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the online commerce sector. This trend is a direct result of the explosion in the amount of data collected through multiple channels - including the e-commerce channel - and the exponential growth in computing power.

28. MARCH 2019

Alturos Destinations migrates its One-Stop-Shop to Intershop

Alturos Destinations AG, market leader in digital tourism distribution solutions in Switzerland, has selected Intershop for its omnichannel e-commerce solution Peaksolution®.

27. MARCH 2019

Moving your Intershop Commerce Suite to the Cloud without missing a beat!

Intershop has made a commitment to be a Cloud company. Intershop's long-term approach is to migrate Intershop Commerce customers to Intershop Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS), running on Microsoft's Azure Public Cloud.

14. MARCH 2019

Alpheios transforms to an omnichannel organization

Proudly looking back to the successful B2B commerce project at AlpheiosINT, powered by the state-of-the-art Intershop platform. We supported the customer in its full journey towards a powerful solution!

13. MARCH 2019

Veranstaltung „Digitalisierung in der Baubranche“ am 04.04.2019

Wir zeigen Ihnen mit unseren Partnern Building Radar, ibau, Intershop und Microsoft, wie Sie potenzielle Bauprojekte mit künstlicher Intelligenz identifizieren, qualifizieren und anschließend zielgerichtet bearbeiten können. Wir beantworten Ihre Fragen: „Was ist das „Winning Team“, welche Beteiligten sind in dem Bauvorhaben bekannt und was muss ich tun, um rechtzeitig Informationen zu gewinnen und Maßnahmen zu definieren? Wie entwickelt sich das Bauvorhaben, welches Potential gibt es für uns und unsere Produkte?“ – alles Herausforderungen des Marktes und zahlreiche Möglichkeiten wie man die Digitalisierung für sich nutzen kann.

12. MARCH 2019

Kruitbosch boosts its online sales and selects Intershop

Kruitbosch is the leading bicycle, accessories and spare parts wholesaler and retail partner for specialist bicycle shops and manufacturer of Cortina and Alpina Bikes. Kruitbosch is replacing their current ordering system with a web shop based on Intershop’s B2B commerce platform. This project will lead to more upselling, a rapidly growing revenue and one of the most valued portals in the industry.

9. MARCH 2019

First B2B digital commerce meetup of 2019

The first B2B digital commerce meetup of 2019 was a great one. Thank you Ramon Kok MSc BBA CS and team from Manutan for being excellent hosts. Manutan provided a very insightful tour through their DC and interesting stories about how they embrace and anchor digital innovation throughout the company. They appealed to the brainpower of the group with a relevant case, arranged an excellent borrel & bites and a goodie bag!

4. MARCH 2019

De Nieuwe Zaak: "There's an increasing need for full-service agencies"

De Nieuwe Zaak started as a design and tech company in 2005, but now 'full-service digital commerce agency' would be a better description for the agency that's located in Zwolle, a city in the northeastern part of the Netherlands.

5. MARCH 2019

HSO and Intershop enter strategic cooperation for E-Commerce

Intershop today announces a partnership with Microsoft Solution Integrator HSO, which has been awarded with the title 'Microsoft's most customer-oriented partner', enabling its customers to benefit from fully integrating Intershop’s advanced commerce functionality into their Dynamics AX or 365 environment.

21. FEBRUARY 2019

Intershop bringing industry expertise into lecture halls

When it comes to the responsibility of a company in its region, Intershop is in an exemplary position with its Academics program. For example, there is a long-term cooperation within the framework of the Academic Program between Intershop and Ilmenau Technical University, more precisely with its Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

8. FEBRUARY 2019

Demo of Intershop PWA on Azure

We just created a monster. The Intershop Progressive Web App. Have you ever seen an Online-Shop without page load time? Check out what's possible when PWA and Azure join forces.

29. JANUARY 2019

BookSpot is live on the new Intershop platform

BookSpot is a online bookstore where you can find gift trays, reading tips and advice in addition to a large selection. With the help of the Intershop partner De Nieuwe Zaak, Booksport is now live on the latest Intershop platform.

3. JANUARY 2019

VBH Holding GmbH Enters the Digital Future with Microsoft Azure

The world's largest wholesale group for fittings and accessories for the manufacture and assembly of windows, doors, and facades, VBH Holding GmbH, has selected Intershop for its strategic digital transformation, based on a revenue-based Cloud Commerce platform for all brands and Group companies.

12. DECEMBER 2018

Sonepar is live on Intershop Commerce Management 7.10

Thanks to our partner DATASOLUTION, Sonepar is now live on Intershop Commerce Management 7.10.

13. DECEMBER 2018

De Nieuwe Zaak reaches the 3rd place in MT1000 list: best service providers 2018

This year De Nieuwe Zaak is again placed in the MT1000 list of the best service providers. Last year De Nieuwe Zaak won the 4th place as the best company in the Netherlands in the Internet agencies sector. This year they climbed to the 3rd place! This listing was made on the basis of Erasmus University´s research regarding the 1000 best companies in terms of image in the Netherlands.

17. DECEMBER 2018

Intershop Raised The Bar – Again

On 15 November, “Raise the Bar” – the annual customer and partner event of Intershop’s BeNeLux team, took place in “The Club” in Aalsmeer, and it was all about everything that has to do with the customer journey and improving performance in digital sales.

4. DECEMBER 2018

Wenn eine Partnerschaft mehr ist als die Summe ihrer Einzelteile

Wer im deutschsprachigen Raum Microsoft-Dynamics-365-Experten sucht, der wird eher früher als später auf den Namen ORBIS stoßen, die im Bereich D365 for Sales tiefgehende Erfahrungen mitbringen. Schon 2017 zur Deutschen Partnerkonferenz von Microsoft lernten wir ORBIS‘ Key Account Manager Nils Oltenau kennen und schnell wurde klar, wir müssen reden.

29. NOVEMBER 2018

Scrum & Agile in B2B Organizations

During this session the B2B digital commerce group discusses Agile and Scrum in the B2B organization. Herbert Pesch (director of B2B digital agency Evident) and Roelof Swiers (Intershop) are the joint hosts of the group. This time, the group has been invited to Evident.

28. NOVEMBER 2018 disrupts maritime market with Intershop cloud-based B2B commerce software platform

Intershop supports, a start-up by Royal IHC, with a digital commerce platform dedicated to deliver high-quality spare parts for dredging- and offshore vessels globally.

23. NOVEMBER 2018

Black Friday 2018: Elkjop Nordic AS broke any previous record for sales

In the 24 hours of Friday sales, about 60 Million NOK per hour were counted, bringing to a daily total of 1.46 Billion NOK, or more than 150 Million Euro, which means ~50% more than last year. More than two thirds of this was delivered via the #Intershop commerce platform - All of this while keeping a customer satisfaction of 94.5%. The solution is developed and maintained by Accenture in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

2. NOVEMBER 2018

Intershop addresses growing Swiss online business with market expert Capptoo

Intershop Communications AG and the consulting and software company Capptoo have entered into a partnership focusing on digitization projects in Switzerland. The established specialist for financial planning and online marketing is thus expanding its portfolio to include digital sales channels that can be introduced quickly and operated at low risk.

14. NOVEMBER 2018

Ten Minutes with... Volker John (Intershop) und Dr. Christian Fillinger (Capptoo)

Am 20.11. fand in Baden das New Commerce Forum statt. Für die Retail-Branche im Schweizer Markt ein wichtiger Meilenstein. Volker John – Intershops Vertriebsexperte im B2C- und B2B Umfeld und Dr. Christian Fillinger – Managing Director bei Capptoo, beide mit etwa 20 Jahren Erfahrung im E-Commerce und tiefen Kenntnissen des Schweizer Marktes, nahmen daran teil.

25. OCTOBER 2018

ORBIS and Intershop enter into partnership: bundled know-how for customer engagement and e-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The internationally active software and business consulting company ORBIS AG and Intershop Communications AG are bundling their expertise in digitization projects through a strategic partnership. The aim of this partnership is to combine the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in terms of 360-degree customer view and customer interaction, as well as Intershop's e-commerce solution in terms of personalization, proactive customer management, and cross-channel identification of customer preferences based on the latest data.

15. NOVEMBER 2018

Plumbing goes Digital: A Products and Services Portal based on Intershop helps Desivero grow

Jena, 15. November 2018 – Intershop’s E-Commerce solution was chosen as best suited to run a flexible portal aimed to grow with the needs of Desivero’s business. Now, the company offers via their store products and services for heating and air conditioning and consulting throughout Italy.

5. NOVEMBER 2018

Royal IHC launches with support from Evident and Dept

The maker of maritime equipment Royal IHC launches an e-commerce portal containing articles of its own making, but mainly of industry peers and competitors.

1. NOVEMBER 2018

Netto eStores: A move to the most excellent cross-channel experience in record time

Some work best under the pressure of time. Especially when it comes to e-commerce projects, we all know how important it is to keep up with the times when it comes to demands and trends, as well as literally being on time. Both levels can only be justified if internal and external conditions are right. In other words: Both processes and employee responsibilities in the company, as well as the system and technology framework must be well thought out or compatible. What this theory looks like in practice is shown in record time by the project we implemented together with our client Netto eStores.

22. OCTOBER 2018

Vertex Announces Partnership and Integration with Intershop Commerce Suite

Vertex, Inc., a leading provider of tax technology and services, announced the integration of its indirect tax solutions to the Intershop Commerce Suite. As an Intershop tax technology partner, Vertex supports accurate, automated sales tax calculations and signature-ready returns, both on premise and in the cloud.

16. OCTOBER 2018

A1 Hrvatska Live as First Customer on Latest Intershop Solution

Croatia´s leading telecom provider A1 Hrvatska, a 100% daughter of A1 Telekom Austria Group and formerly branded as Vipnet, is the first customer to go live on Intershop´s latest commerce solution. Less than two weeks after the official release date the project team of OptimIT migrated the existing online shop onto Intershop 7.10.

2. OCTOBER 2018

Evident is Intershop Partner of the Year

Amsterdam, October 2, 2018 - The digital agency Evident was named Intershop Partner of the Year 2017-2018 at the Intershop Partner Day.

11. OCTOBER 2018

Case Study. Bunzl: Branded Webshops on the Intershop Platform

Founded in 1854 in Bratislava, Bunzl is an international wholesaler in the food and non-food industry. It has since grown into a successful international outsourcing group, with offices in the US, Europe, and Australia.

27. SEPTEMBER 2018

“Experts in Motion” Launches a White Label Shop Based on Intershop

Jena, 27 September 2018 - For over 40 years Schmiderer & Schendl have been known in Austria for their commitment to products for a holistic concept of furniture, interior accessories and playground equipment. The target group of their product range are facilities for children as well as for the elderly, who can benefit greatly from stimulating materials for the cognitive, motor and didactic areas. Implemented by Intershop's partner Experts in Motion, Schmiderer & Schendl now have a whitelabel shop at their service, which they use as a long-standing partner of Dusyma Kindergarten GmbH. Based on the already established Dusyma's online shop, the project had a shortened time to market. The standard solution was extended with specific functionalities, for example in the area of payment methods, in order to take account of the special features of the Austrian market.

20. SEPTEMBER 2018

How Happiness leads to Success

At Inpulse 2018 Incentro demonstrated beautifully how happiness grants results. The focus on the constant development of employees is the key to achieving digital success.


The Future is Data

Intershop and Stibo Systems share a booth during the Paris Retail Week and will host a workshop.

13. SEPTEMBER 2018

Intershop and Microsoft Strengthen Partnership to Drive Retail Commerce Transformation

Intershop Communications AG and Microsoft Corporation today announced a deepening of their cooperative strategic partnership to better serve customers by transforming the retail commerce market.


10 minutes with Estelle Delessard

Since Microsoft and Intershop joined hands, customers can benefit from many advantages. The most important one: the ultimate customer journey. We asked Microsoft’s Estelle Delessard, Marketing Manager Dynamics 365 France, all about it.

20. AUGUST 2018

inpulse Summit

Enjoy an innovative networking atmosphere, learn about the latest trends and benefit from experience reports on your industry - all in one day!

14. JUNE 2018

10 minutes with… Christian Geckeis

Director Partner Development at Microsoft Germany, on Intershop and Microsoft

4. JUNE 2018

Using Cortana to Maintain a Wish List

It does not seem far away when mobile applications first appeared. Being laughed at because of the tiny display and the not really appealing interfaces, it didn’t take long before the term Mobile First was coined.

22. MAY 2018

ModusLink launches “eStarter Storefront” based on Intershop platform

Leading independent commerce software provider Intershop and Platinum partner ModusLink today announce their new joint offering “eStarter Storefront”. ModusLink is a trusted and integrated provider of supply chain & logistics solutions to the world's leading companies in consumer electronics, communications, computing, medical devices, and retail.

15. MAY 2018

Category winner "Leisure, Hobby & Pet"

Many filter options and recommendations on the products allow perfect buying advice in the shop. 360 ° images and many detailed views ideally replace the lack of haptics in distance shopping.

14. MAY 2018

ModusLink Awarded Intershop Platinum Partnership

The award recognizes partnerships that demonstrate outstanding excellence and growth of joint projects and customers, including internationally renowned brands, such as Mondelez, Jacobs, Tassimo, Berghoff Worldwide, and Bugaboo, with dozens more international online shops.

18. APRIL 2018

EnterWorks CEO Rick Chavie To Give Keynote on Storytelling in eCommerce at Intershop inpulse Summit

EnterWorks, a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, announced that CEO Rick Chavie is speaking at the Intershop’s inpulse Summit held in New Orleans, Louisiana from April 16-17, 2018.

17. APRIL 2018

6 Tips to Make Your Online and Offline B2B Sales Work Jointly

With the rise of e-commerce in B2B, adapting the sales force to the new processes often proves to be a tough challenge. How do you get your saleswomen and salesmen to embrace and stimulate the possibilities of digital commerce? And what do you have to pay attention to during this transition? The fifth meeting of the B2B expert group “Digital Commerce” revealed these six practical tips from experience experts.

12. APRIL 2018


24.5.2018 Rosensäle · Fürstengraben 27 · 07743 Jena Topics: Keynote: Understanding Multi-objective Optimization und multi-dimensional spaces (Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Computer Science Department and Centre for Cognitive Science, TU Darmstadt), Bringing deep learning to practice (Dr. Alexander Freytag, Zeiss), Fundamentals of Visualization (Philipp Lucas, FSU Jena) and many more.

9. APRIL 2018


To set the course for further growth, the company had to replace its own developed shop solution with a scalable technology, which supports a quick, uncomplicated and cost-effective expansion in the context of the growth strategy.

6. APRIL 2018

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

The Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 will take place on the 21st of April and of course the Azure Group Thuringia will be there again. This time, Intershop Communication AG in Jena is pleased to be the host. Let us network and hear interesting lectures.

1. APRIL 2000

Zamro wins Intershop B2B Award

Zamro wins the Intershop B2B Award. The company is the best seller in the business market. The webshop for tools and technical parts received the prize tonight during the Shopping Awards Gala at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk.

1. MARCH 2000

10 minutes with Dr. Arndt Döhler

The most natural way of communication for people is spoken language. Nothing is faster, and accompanying to other activities easier to use than an oral exchange. It is therefore not surprising that ComScore estimates that as early as 2020, up to 50% of all searches will be carried out by Conversational Search.

1. MARCH 2000

B2B Boot Camp

This all-day, free boat camp on April 18, 2018 in the Microsoft headquarters in Munich offers you the best coaching to survive the race on the market. Together, Intershop, Microsoft, Contentserv, proMX & blue-zone, together with you, lay the foundation for the long-term success of your digital business.

14. MARCH 2018

Intershops CaaS with Microsoft Azure

Intershop Communications AG today announced the launch of its new cloud offering Intershop Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS). The product launch marks an important strategic milestone in the commerce specialist's "cloud first" strategy.

6. MARCH 2018

Intershop-based Vendor Alko Ranked as Digital Leader

Finnish state owned monopoly for retailing alcoholic drinks, Alko, was announced Digital Leader of Nordics brands in e-commerce.

1. FEBRUARY 2018

Leading Luxury Retail Chain Hosts its Ecommerce Platform with Carrenza

De Bijenkorf, a Dutch department store chain owned by the Selfridges Group, moves to a scalable and agile ecommerce platform with Carrenza, in collaboration with technology partners Intershop and Javelin Group.

1. FEBRUARY 2018

Let's talk B2B

Check out the teaser video for the in-depth interview with 4 of the experts from the B2B digital commerce group.

1. FEBRUARY 2018

Block Foods AG stirs up German e-food market with Intershop solution from Microsoft Azure Cloud

Block Foods AG, based in Hamburg, Germany, uses the Intershop Commerce Suite as new platform to strengthen its online brand presence.

29. JANUARY 2018

Product Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan

EnterWorks was recognized at Frost & Sullivan’s Excellence in Best Practices Awards Gala with the MDM/PIM Software for Manufacturing Distribution Product Leadership Award.

25. OCTOBER 2017

IoT and AI with Intershop and Microsoft

The Intershop team just returned from the 2 day “Microsoft IoT und App Services“ Hackfest at the Microsoft Technology Center in Munich. Our goal was to setup a little “Product as a Service” showcase with a battery-powered hammer drill as example product.

26. JANUARY 2018

Who Will Win The Very First Intershop B2B Award?

Just a couple more days and the registration for the Intershop B2B Award closes. This year, there is finally a moment during the award show when the best online B2B store is put in the spotlight.

24. JANUARY 2018

Revolution 4.0: transformation of the value chain

After mechanization, industrialization and automation, industrial companies are facing the next revolution: Industry 4.0. This creates a new form through the digital networking of people, machines and products in order to digitally organize.

19. JANUARY 2018

Microsoft Industry 4.0 Day

This all-day, free event is organized under the motto "Industry 4.0" and covers all aspects of the digital value chain in the manufacturing and raw materials industry. Save the Date: Monday, February 19, 2018 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

9. JANUARY 2018

Würth continues to grow

The tool business is paying off - at least for the German retailer Würth. The family-owned company is able to grow significantly, especially in the internet trade, and thus increase its sales.

9. JANUARY 2018

Sisense Named Best BI Software by FinancesOnline

Sisense wins Best Business Intelligence Software Award for the second consecutive year based on speed of data preparation and ease of use.

9. JANUARY 2018

Haefele Powers Global Webshop

Germany-based furniture fittings and hardware specialist Häfele has upgraded its global B2B commerce platform to the latest version of Intershop’s Commerce Suite to support its international growth.

9. JANUARY 2018

NRF 2018 - Retail´s Big Show

Meet Intershop and our partner EnterWorks at booth #2231 in NYC at the RETAIL'S BIG SHOW. 3.500 companies and 18.000 retailers from 95 countries, Enterworks and Intershop are in the thick of it.

5. JANUARY 2018

Ecommerce Platforms - Investigating the real costs

Platforms are usually not the highest cost item in ecommerce efforts, nor usually is implementation. Read the excerpt from Salmon's authoritative report to get more informations.

20. DECEMBER 2017

Linked Open Data Cloud a research project

Intershop Communications AG is supporting a research project of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) to improve the search results and the diversity of recommendation engines, so-called recommendation engines.

17. OCTOBER 2017

The B2B market is attractive.

In today's podcast episode, I speak with Veronika Epp of At Zamro she is responsible for the overall strategy for off- and online marketing for Germany and Austria.

5. DECEMBER 2017

Mister Spex Gets Ready for Further Growth With Latest Intershop Commerce Suite

Mister Spex is extending its successful cooperation with Intershop with the rollout of the latest Intershop Commerce Suite. The rollout was completed in just eight weeks.

4. DECEMBER 2017

Order Management as E-commerce Middleware

One of the major challenges in contemporary e-commerce is the complexity of integrating multiple customer-oriented applications with diverse internal or external business applications as well as partner systems.

7. DECEMBER 2017

Insights From Experts

Why product information will be key for digital Commerce. Putting content into context is the main challenge for today's business to business industry.

4. DECEMBER 2017

De Nieuwe Zaak wins international awards for best A / B tests!

Every year, New York-based Behave organizes the worldwide Best of Tests Awards. Organizations from all over the world can submit their most beautiful, surprising and most successful A / B tests.

25. NOVEMBER 2017

Black Friday: Set a new Nordic trade record

Elkjøp's sales stopped at 1 317 037 903 on Black Friday. There is a new record for trade in one day, no matter the industry in the Nordic region. Elkjøp Nordic increased from last year's record by 39 per cent.

24. NOVEMBER 2017

How to achieve true personalized commerce

On 13 June 2017 executives of the Synaptic Commerce partner community and customers of SphereMall enjoyed an educational and vivid afternoon at RAAF, a hotspot in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

9. NOVEMBER 2017


Our Partners SUGERENDO - Omnichannel & B2B eCommerce have published an interesting article, covering how B2B companies can get started with eCommerce!

20. NOVEMBER 2017

Content Drives the NEW B2B Commerce Purchase Cycle

The new B2B Digital Buying Revolution Webinar on 29th November 2017 featuring the Forrester Analyst Bruce Epping will be sponsored by EnterWorks, Intershop and TENZING. You are invited to sign up! Business to business vendors are transforming the role of the direct sales channel and investing in new online buying portals. They are playing catchup to the B2C digital experience that has raised buyer expectations to ever higher levels.

17. NOVEMBER 2017

Building a date warehouse on Azure

When architecting a greenfielddata warehouse on the Azure platform, the first step is to determine which features of Azure you want to start building on.

13. NOVEMBER 2017


Salmon is the only Platinum Partner in the Netherlands and the largest Intershop Platinum Partner globally. It has successfully developed countless webshops over the years using the same technique and is fully trained in all the latest versions.

14. DECEMBER 2017

diva-e gehört zu den besten Unternehmensberatern 2017

Auszeichnungen in der Branche Internet & E-Commerce sowie im Arbeitsbereich Digitalisierung. Das diva-e Digital Transformation Consulting zählt zu den besten Unternehmensberatern in Deutschland.

12. OCTOBER 2017

Enterworks, one of the fastest growing companies

Wow! Our Partners Enterworks, experts in PIM, are to be listed as one of the "30 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2017" by The Silicon Review.

25. SEPTEMBER 2017


Intershop Communications AG on the road! Today: B2B Lab together with our partner diconium. Have exciting presentations and good talks!

17. OCTOBER 2017


Under the title, IoT in Action, you’ll discover new fields of application and business opportunities at #DPK17. The IoT pre-day on the 23rd October will be an exciting prelude, with exciting presentations and informative showcases on the subject of intelligent networking. It will give you an insight as to where Microsoft’s technological journey is heading and how other partners have successfully implemented solutions for customers.

17. OCTOBER 2017

Marketing Power Conference 2017

Be a part of the Marketing Power Conference on the 17th and 18th October in Rohrbach with the motto "Let's Focus on Digital". Get the latest ideas for focused and future-oriented marketing management and share experiences among with experts.

24. NOVEMBER 2014

Gewonnen! HONICO verbindet SAP und Intershop

Die HONICO eBusiness GmbH hat eine niederländische Ausschreibung gewonnen und integriert ab sofort das SAP-System und Intershop bei Mid Ocean Brands.

17. OCTOBER 2017


Join us with your team for the 2nd edition of the Intershop Roadtrip and discover how to get the most out of your investments in e-Commerce. Let us help you raise the bar and meet new customer expectations. Thursday November 9th, Silo91, Maarssen