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Elkjøp Nordic AS

Elkjøp Nordic AS

Black Friday 2018: Elkjop Nordic AS broke any previous record for sales

In the 24 hours of Friday sales, about 60 Million NOK per hour were counted, bringing to a daily total of 1.46 Billion NOK, or more than 150 Million Euro, which means ~50% more than last year. More than two thirds of this was delivered via the #Intershop commerce platform - All of this while keeping a customer satisfaction of 94.5%. The solution is developed and maintained by Accenture in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Black Friday: Set a new Nordic trade record

Elkjøp's sales stopped at 1 317 037 903 on Black Friday. There is a new record for trade in one day, no matter the industry in the Nordic region. Elkjøp Nordic increased from last year's record by 39 per cent.

Elkjøp Nordic AS