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Incentro believes in data driven E-Commerce and want to make this as easy as possible.SAM provides different calculation modules which give you insight into the e-commerce consumer-to-buy (order) process and order-to-cash process. After the data is analyzed, SAM generates notifications. These will be pushed to you in e-mail or by an alert, so you can decide what your action will be based on that insight. The analyses range from a calculation based on visitors per day to algorithms that filter segments from the data.


  • SAM analyses and optimizes integrated data
  • Makes you attentive to events and patterns through tickets (IQs)
  • You decide the succession and relevance by IQ
  • The IQs give suggestions and encourage direct action
  • Mark a striking, action demanding IQ as favorite
  • Easily share IQs with colleagues to inform them
  • Create a loop by linking outcomes to marketing campaigns
Wenn Sie mehr über die Integration von SAM wissen möchten, dann kontaktieren Sie uns.