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Omnia’s Pricewatch Module enables you to compare your prices over time and from top to product-level, with a complete and accurate overview of competitor prices. With Pricewatch you save hours of manual work checking competitor pricing, and with Omnia’s clear console, you will gain insight into market dynamics and be able to set the basis for a clear pricing strategy. 


  • Pricewatch has direct (and often exclusive) data connection with major comparison shopping engines. 
  • Your products are matched to the database on EAN code multiple times a day, providing you a complete and accurate overview of competitor prices on your assortment. 
  • Pricewatch data currently covers 25 countries, including all of the developed e-commerce markets. 
  • Pricewatch enables you to see your margin and stock levels together with pricing in one clear overview.  
  • With Omnia’s Pricewatch you will save hours of time checking up on competitor prices. 
Wenn Sie mehr über die Integration von Omnia Pricewatch wissen möchten, dann kontaktieren Sie uns.