About Academic Partners

Academic Partners (institutions accredited for higher education, universities of applied sciences, and vocational colleges) are an important element of the Intershop strategy. Since the year 2003 Intershop has been working closely with Academic Partners. Currently, Intershop is cooperating with universities and technical colleges at 24 locations in Germany and Austria.

Our Academic Partners profit from a well-structured partner program, with relationships managed and monitored on the basis of mutually agreed objectives. Europe-wide cooperation agreements are in place that allow partners to use our e-commerce software without bureaucratic effort and to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into their practical teaching. By that students get insights in modern technologies and their fields of application.

The worldwide first fully functional e-commerce software was developed at our headquarters in Jena. And it is Jena where we organize certified, hands-on e-commerce software trainings for our Academic Partners. Training sessions and workshops are conducted by experienced Intershop trainers who facilitate students a comprehensive insight in e-commerce, online-marketing and in how Intershop software is used, configured, and extended. 

Another aspect of Intershop's Academic Partner Program is a series of "eCommerce" lectures held by Intershop specialists concerning e-commerce related topics.

Moreover, in intensive cooperation with our partner universities and their academic staff Intershop departments offer students a wide range of innovative and demanding topics for academic theses and internships. This aspect of the Academic Program has proven to be particularly successful. More than 260 academic theses and project reports have successfully been finished at Intershop since 2003 – mostly with good to excellent results.

Besides smaller research projects as part of academic theses Intershop has also conducted several comprehensive research projects in cooperation with Academic Partners in recent years.

Are you interested in an Academic Partnership? Then find out more about the benefits of the Intershop Academic Partner Program. You are welcome to contact us via this form.


Suitable fields:

· Computer Science

· Business and economics with a focus on IT or e-commerce

· Media production and media design

· Media studies and communications

· Business Administration

· Business Informatics


The benefits of partnering with Intershop:

· Software license for research and teaching

· Software training / workshops for professors, their research associates and students

· Technical support from Intershop

· Supervision of degree theses and internships

· Up-to-date information on Intershop products and solutions


· Valid partner agreement

· A named contact person

· Regular reports on progress and current projects

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While e-commerce is now an established industry, not many education programs take account of its diversity and importance. With the Intershop Commerce Suite we provide our students with a powerful, flexible and future-oriented platform that enables them to gain relevant practical experience in a variety of contexts. From setting up the shops, customization in the developer environment, different operating models or shop operation - our students become familiar with leading edge technology and market approaches through training at the Intershop Commerce Suite.


Professor Dr. Harald Mumm

Hochschule Wismar, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

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