About Academic Partners

Academic Partners (nationally accredited higher education institutions, universities of applied sciences, and vocational colleges) are an important element of the Intershop strategy. Europe-wide cooperative agreements are in place that allow partners to use our software without bureaucratic problems and incorporate state-of-the-art technology into their practical teaching around e-commerce.


Benefits of Intershop Academic Partners.

Our Academic Partners profit from a well-structured partner program, with relationships managed and monitored on the basis of mutually agreed objectives.

How you profit as an Intershop partner:

Suitable fields of study for particitpating in the Intershop Academic Partners program are:
  • IT
  • Business & information systems engineering
  • Business and economics with a focus on IT or e-commerce
  • Media production and media design
  • Media studies and communications
  • Business Administration
The benefits of partnering with Intershop:
  • Software license for research and teaching
  • Workshops for students (e.g., on possible applications, deployment scenarios, and technical concepts associated with Intershop software)
  • Technical support from Intershop
  • Support with dissertations and work placements
  • Up-to-date information on Intershop products and solutions
  • Valid partner agreement
  • A named contact person
  • Regular reports on progress and current projects

Academic partners

Since the year 2003 Intershop has been working closely with academic partners. Currently, Intershop is cooperating with numerous universities and technical colleges in Europe, that use our Software as reference application to teach e-commerce and support us in the execution of our strategy. Our academic partners, such as universities and colleges, are important elements of the Intershop strategy. We provide these institutions with the Intershop Commerce Suite so that students can gain experience in e-commerce based on the latest industry technologies.

Intershop Academic Program

Partners who meet the requirements of, and are accepted to the Intershop Academic Program benefit from free access to Intershop technology, product training sessions, application support, and a wide range of information material.
Among other benefits, Intershop provides a free software license for teaching and research. The Intershop Academic Program offers students the opportunity to work with real-life e-commerce software, the most direct way of getting to know the technology, possible fields of application and business scenarios.
Within the scope of the Academic Program Intershop offers special training sessions for professors as well as selected students. These all-day workshops are designed for attendees with both technical and economic focus. They provide an overview of the fields of application, business scenarios and technical concepts of Intershop product line.

E-commerce Program

Another aspect of the Intershop Academic Partner Program is "eCommerce I", lectures held by Intershop specialists who lecture on e-commerce related topic. "eCommerce II" is the name for training courses whose primary subjects are Intershop7 technology and preparation for the Intershop7 certification.
Moreover, under the roof of the Academic Program various Intershop departments offer students topics for academic theses and internships.
This aspect of the Academic Program has proven to be particularly successful. Intershop has supervised a total of more than 190 bachelor theses, master theses and diploma theses.
Intershop benefits from letting students explore new topics and technologies in that the knowledge these theses accumulate, the prototypes and case studies that are developed can serve as blueprints for future product improvements.
Within the scope of the Academic Program Intershop has won more than 60 students to return after successful graduation to Intershop as employees.

While e-commerce is now an established industry, not many education programs take account of its diversity and importance. With the Intershop Commerce Suite we provide our students with a powerful, flexible and future-oriented platform that enables them to gain relevant practical experience in a variety of contexts. From setting up the shops, customization in the developer environment, different operating models or shop operation - our students become familiar with leading edge technology and market approaches through training at the Intershop Commerce Suite.

Professor Dr. Harald Mumm
Hochschule Wismar, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Lehrgebiete: Wirtschaftsinformatik und Anwendungsprogrammierung

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