giosg Live Chat and CoBrowse

Live Chat and CoBrowse with visitor potential recognition, workflow-engine and AI-powered visitor targeting. Great UI - Swimlane-view the chat agents will love! One glimpse to get an overview of your online traffic and the business potential of each visitor. One click to start a conversation. Rules-engine and real-time analytics to track website visitors' behaviour in real-time and calculate business potential for each visitor. You can setup rules and build workflows to target the right visitors at the right second. AI that learns which visitors need help to convert and does targeting automatically. Six times the hit rate compared to man-made rules.

Learn more about the advantages of giosg Live Chat and CoBrowse and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.

Solution Capabilities

  • Visitor potential recognition
  • Workflow-engine to launch automated messages
  • AI-powered visitor targeting
  • Offline forms and webpage customisation

giosg Live Chat and CoBrowse