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Pricesearcher's Price Intelligence API allows retailers to check their inventory against their competitors. We think there is a positive use for our price data for retailers to better understand their pricing position, improve their bidding strategies, and increase conversion. Our Position as a Search Engine: Retailers and brands have a vested interest in their products being indexed to benefit from free organic traffic. Our Value to Retailers: Since our launch in Dec 2016 we have referred organic traffic worth over £100m in gross click out value to retailers. Our Data USP: Ingesting data through direct feeds and our open crawler means our dataset is comprehensive and stable.

Solution Capabilities:

  • API end-points capable of handling millions of price queries per minute
  • API supports queries based on 9 unique identifiers including all GTIN variants, MPN, ASIN and PS_SKU
  • 1.2 Billion products across 12 countries
  • Automated and highly scalable technical solution
Learn more about the advantages of Pricesearcher and Intershop! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.