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InfinitePay specializes in online transactions between businesses worldwide! We protect up to 100% of your sales! In real-time! Online-Shops with a B2B-focus which include or are being constructed to include the payment-option "purchase on account", run smoothly with InfinitePay offering coverage for orders to up to 50.000 EUR or more, depending on your company's criteria. We minimize the risk of one of the Internet's favourite method of payment and transform it into a chance for higher revenues. We provide all services using the white label model which meansyour customers will not be aware of our guarantees or involvement as all of our work is behind the scenes! We will operate using your branding and according to your wishes. Additional information about the Application Programming Interface (API) of InfinitePay (i.e. the interface between us and you), can be provided upon request.

Solution Capabilities:

  • 100% payment security
  • White-Label
  • Easy integration (AP interface)
  • Fully automated solvency checks
  • Complete covering of risk- and accounts recievable management
Learn more about the advantages of InfinitePay and Intershop! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.