Target2Sell SAS

Target2Sell saw the light of day in 2012, with the meeting of two men : Francois Ziserman and Adrien Coutarel. Through their experience in e-commerce, Francois and Adrien noticed that the great majority of e-commerce sites had no product personalization tools. Why? The existing solutions were too expensive, too complex to install and to use, and didn’t allow for a proper control of merchandising. It’s with these problems in mind that Target2Sell was born : a new solution, that puts the control back in the hands of the Marketing Department. Today, Target2Sell is present in over 100 clients, including some of the biggest e-commerce sites, such as Rexel, Pimkie or Auchan.

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Target2Sell at Inpulse 2018

Live from the Intershop Communications AG #ISHinpulse18 Summit in Berlin with Johan Lambert and Adrien Coutarel !