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De Nieuwe Zaak is a leading full service e-commerce agency in the Netherlands. Based on her believe that online shopping can always become even better, she helps her customers to achieve and surpass their e-commerce ambitions. Always thinking from the needs of the final user, working in a multidisciplinary approach and providing quality and added value are key elements at De Nieuwe Zaak. With a preference for practical solutions and direct results she interweaves Strategy, Design, Technology and Marketing to successful e-commerce formulas. With a professional team of over 80 experts De Nieuwe Zaak realizes innovative and high quality e-commerce solutions with a constant focus on results. Our customer are prominent and ambitious retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers.

Learn more about the advantages of De Nieuwe Zaak eCommerce B.V. and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.


Kruitbosch boosts its online sales and selects Intershop

Kruitbosch is the leading bicycle, accessories and spare parts wholesaler and retail partner for specialist bicycle shops and manufacturer of Cortina and Alpina Bikes. Kruitbosch is replacing their current ordering system with a web shop based on Intershop’s B2B commerce platform. This project will lead to more upselling, a rapidly growing revenue and one of the most valued portals in the industry.

De Nieuwe Zaak: "There's an increasing need for full-service agencies"

De Nieuwe Zaak started as a design and tech company in 2005, but now 'full-service digital commerce agency' would be a better description for the agency that's located in Zwolle, a city in the northeastern part of the Netherlands.

BookSpot is live on the new Intershop platform

BookSpot is a online bookstore where you can find gift trays, reading tips and advice in addition to a large selection. With the help of the Intershop partner De Nieuwe Zaak, Booksport is now live on the latest Intershop platform.

De Nieuwe Zaak reaches the 3rd place in MT1000 list: best service providers 2018

This year De Nieuwe Zaak is again placed in the MT1000 list of the best service providers. Last year De Nieuwe Zaak won the 4th place as the best company in the Netherlands in the Internet agencies sector. This year they climbed to the 3rd place! This listing was made on the basis of Erasmus University´s research regarding the 1000 best companies in terms of image in the Netherlands.

De Nieuwe Zaak wins international awards for best A / B tests!

Every year, New York-based Behave organizes the worldwide Best of Tests Awards. Organizations from all over the world can submit their most beautiful, surprising and most successful A / B tests.

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