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DSS Partners is a provider of world-class enterprise eCommerce solutions and custom web & mobile solutions for leading names in Retail, Manufacturing and Distribution. Customers choose DSS Partners for its ability to design, build, manage and integrate business-led solutions that add significant competitive value to their company’s bottom line.   DSS Partners brings experience from multiple successful Intershop projects to the table. With their latest service offering - the DSS Intershop Accelerator Store (DIAS) - customers can start to sell online in just 8 weeks while providing all important self-service features and enormous scalability.

Learn more about the advantages of DSS Partners and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.


Go live for Service Champ

After a ton of hard work, creative ingenuity, and focus on delivering the Quick Lube’s BEST eCommerce platform, ServiceChamp.com is accepting orders today! Appreciate all the support from our fantastic team and partners at DSS Partners and #Intershop.

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