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4FriendsOnly.com Internet Technologies AG offers innovative solutions in B2B- and B2C ECommerce. Based in Ilmenau, in the center of Germany, we provide our customers prospects as a full-service provider for Internet-, distribution- and sales systems.

Together with recognized partners, we realize the optimization and modernization of internal prozesses in multishop systems through the smooth integration of suitable online services. Customers like LIEBL GmbH and Limmert AG, with complex workflows and millions of products in their multishop systems benefit from the close contact with us and the possibility that we can adapt directly to their individual needs and requirements.

Our technology know-how as well as our experiences and passion for digitalization since 20 years allows us to develop complex e-commerce solutions as well as smart shop frontends for desktop, tablets and smartphones. Our extensive and individual support for our E-Commerce customers also includes SEO and design implementation.

As an official partner of Intershop and Amazon Web Services, we host and maintain our clients‘ online shops in the managed AWS Cloud. Our external services, such as chat, repricing and recommondation, are combined in the Xperiance.cloud.

  • E-Commerce for B2B and B2C Enterprise Channels
  • Implementation of cloud solutions
  • Use of AI and Business Intelligence
  • 20 years of experiance in digitalization, cloud and E-Commerce

Learn more about the advantages of 4FriendsOnly.com Internet Technologies AG and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.


Town & Country Haus supports house builders with digital sampling

The Town & Country Haus Lizenzgeber GmbH, the nationwide leading brand in licensed solid house construction and the most frequently built brand house in Germany, provides its customers and construction partners with a software-supported sampling portal for the selection of house equipment for the approximately 40 different house types. Digital sampling based on Intershop creates an additional interactive collaboration offering that is expected to generate further growth.

Gebrüder Limmert AG puts its faith in Intershop with its B2B online growth campaign

he long-standing family-owned enterprise Gebrüder Limmert AG is securing the future of its online shop with the powerful Intershop 7.8 platform. A revenue-based licensing agreement was signed this spring. Boasting more than 30,000 items in stock in a storage space of more than 12,700m2, it is one of the most successful wholesalers in Austria’s B2B electrical engineering sector.

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