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Würth Group

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Würth: “We Take the Online Shop out of Anonymity”

The key to transforming a traditional organization into a digital, innovative company lies in getting the sales force enthusiastic for e-commerce, says Gerco van Leeuwen, e-commerce specialist at Würth. By doing so, the company transformed itself into an organization in which field sales makes full use of the opportunities offered by e-commerce.

Best Service at Würth: The PPE Manager for Mechanics

For those of you who are not experts in manufacturing, it stands for personal protective equipment. The PPE manager is not a human, but a digital consultant assisting customers in choosing the perfect item. It offers top advice in digital form. An additional service that is impressively valuable.

Mastering Omnichannel with Customer first

These days, all divisions and companies that belong to the Würth conglomerate serve over three million B2B customers. What all started as a small, traditional German business with only three employees has evolved into an innovative omnichannel B2B shopping platform. “Digital innovations in recent years made things less personal, but we have noticed that the role of a contact manager, which our representatives now have, is highly valued,” reflects Gerard Scheffel, E-Commerce Manager at Würth Netherlands. “This way, we have become a personal point of contact, available 24/7 through all of our sales channels.”

Würth is the world's best B2B Online Shop 2019!

Internet World Business Award: Würth is the best B2B Online Shop 2019!


Würth continues to grow

The tool business is paying off - at least for the German retailer Würth. The family-owned company is able to grow significantly, especially in the internet trade, and thus increase its sales.

Würth Group