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Mister Spex is the largest online optician in Germany and one of the biggest in Europe, with more than 60,000 website visitors a day. In order to keep growing, the company needed to replace its proprietary e-commerce platform with a reliable and scalable solution that would enable quick, easy, and cost-efficient roll-out in new markets. With the business also becoming more complex,

Mister Spex opted for Intershop 7. This enables the company to add new functionality, sales channels, and market-specific stores as and when required—incorporating all channels and without any interruption in service.

Implementation Partners

9. OCTOBER 2018

More Than Just a Web Shop: Mister Spex And Their Digital Vision

It's been ten years since Mister Spex stirred up the traditional market of (sun-)glasses and contact lenses by launching an online platform. With over three million customers and an average of 15,000 orders per day, the German player can now call himself Europe's most successful online optician. Ecommerce News talked to Carsten Hennig, head of international marketing.


9. APRIL 2018


To set the course for further growth, the company had to replace its own developed shop solution with a scalable technology, which supports a quick, uncomplicated and cost-effective expansion in the context of the growth strategy.

5. DECEMBER 2017

Mister Spex Gets Ready for Further Growth With Latest Intershop Commerce Suite

Mister Spex is extending its successful cooperation with Intershop with the rollout of the latest Intershop Commerce Suite. The rollout was completed in just eight weeks.