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Case Study: Plus online store

From Multi-Channel Provider to Pure Internet Player

Plus started selling products online in addition to its brick and mortar activities back in 2001, becoming the first discounter in Germany to do so. The strategy involved leveraging the logistics and marketing resources of the physical stores and sharing procurement activities and IT infrastructure. These options ceased to be available when the owner, the Tengelmann Group, sold the Plus supermarkets. But with 95% unaided awareness, the company is confident that by focusing on online business can be a highly effective market player.

Case Study : GartenXXL

GartenXXL’s business with Intershop bears fruit

In 2012, under the umbrella of its “e-stores”, the company set up an e-commerce platform capable of handling multiple online shops at once. The complete IT landscape, logistics and product range form the common basis for all shops. The individual brands represent the pillars that build on this foundation, which saves both money and resources. The aim was to quickly launch competitive specialty shops on the market at low cost.

For its shop software, the company relies on the standard Intershop technology. With the help of Intershop’s implementation partner dotSource, it has added several functions and interfaces in order to tailor the solution precisely to the individual design of GartenXXL, its first specialty shop. Taking its cue from the positive experiences with, Tengelmann E-Stores GmbH is now expanding its successful work with Intershop in its GartenXXL venture.