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Netzgesellschaft Eisenberg mbH (ehemals Stadtwerke Eisenberg GmbH)

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Case Study: Netzgesellschaft Eisenberg mbH

Online customer portals for the utility sector — the smart way to improve efficiency and customer loyalty

Founded in 1898 in Thuringia, Germany, Stadtwerke Eisenberg (SWE) is a subsidiary of E.ON Thüringer Energie AG. The company provides gas and electricity to around 12,000 customers in the Eisenberg region. Today’s utility companies face a number of major challenges. In addition to new statutory requirements, e.g., time and volumebased pricing or intra-annual billing periods, there is growing competition within the sector. It is therefore essential to invest in long-term customer loyalty and offer added-value services that stand out in the marketplace.

To achieve those objectives, SWE asked Intershop partner T-Systems Multimedia Solutions to create an online customer portal based on the Intershop Enfinity platform. The efficient combination of customer selfservice, smart-metering visualization, and electronic commerce offers clear customer benefits and thus delivers a competitive edge in the marketplace.