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Online buyers prefer buying on account. In 2013, ibi research determined 80% lower buying cancellations when purchase on account was introduced. To minimize risk, credit checks provide the security that customers will very probably pay their outstanding debts. eDecision is a software system for the automated check of customer orders – providing access to well-known credit agencies (SCHUFA, Creditreform, Bürgel, infoscore, etc.) through a uniform interface - ideal for customer management identification, credit check and monitoring. Credit agencies are combined following a specific set of rules, search results are presented in a well-structured and transparent way in order to facilitate decision making. For mass processing conceived in real time, eDecision offers the implementation of customer-specific summarization, calculation and decision rules.

Solution Capabilities:

  • Reduction of bad debts from purchases on account
  • Modular system for automated credit check and decision-making
  • Integration of several credit agencies according to own check strategy
  • Automated mass checking in real time
  • Easy access through web service interfaces
Learn more about the advantages of EXEC eDecision and Intershop! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.

Information about Exec

EXEC supports companies in the digitalization and optimization of their business processes. EXEC is a leading software specialist in the areas of credit, risk, fraud and corporate investment management, and develops modular software systems, business intelligence solutions, secure communication services and mobile applications. EXEC sees itself as partner of well-known credit agencies for the integration of automated credit checks into internal order processes, supports risk assessments throughout all stages of a business relationship – and in doing so ensures the significant reduction of bad debts among its customers. Well-known companies from the credit, telecommunication, energy and retai...