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Personalized Facebook & Instagram Ads

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Deliver Personalized Product Recommendations on Facebook and Instagram. Increase your Return On Ad Spend with Personalized Product Recommendations. Automate the setup and management of Facebook and Instagram Ads.Increase onsite conversions and return business.

Solution Capabilities:

  • On average, Nosto’s personalized ads generate a 12x Return On Ad Spend
  • One-click installation (or adding just a few snippets of code) to your ecommerce platform
  • Automated product uploads and Facebook and Instagram pixel positioning
  • Simplified and user-friendly ad creation
  • Deliver Personalized Product Recommendations in real-time with Nosto’s proprietary machine learning
Learn more about the advantages of Personalized Facebook & Instagram Ads and Intershop! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.

Information about Nosto Solutions Ltd.

Nosto enables online retailers to deliver their customers personalized shopping experiences at every touch point, across every device. A powerful personalization platform designed for ease of use, Nosto empowers retailers to build, launch and optimize 1:1 multichannel marketing campaigns without the need for dedicated IT resources. Leading retail brands in over 100 countries use Nosto to grow their business and delight their customers. Nosto supports its retailers from its offices in Helsinki, Berlin, Stockholm, London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris.