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SO1’s Optimized Discounts utilize the full potential of our AI – and require very little manual configuration. Based on a predefined pool of promotional offers, the SO1 Engine selects, ranks and adjusts these offers to match a customer’s willingness-to-pay and to increase his or her purchase likelihood – in alignment with the retailers goals. Individual discounts that match a customer’s willingness-to-pay significantly improve retailers’ profits. The SO1 Engine is also capable of determining if a customer will purchase campaign products anyway and thus drives truly incremental sales.

Solution Capabilities:

  • plus 13 % average basket size per customer
  • five times higher redemption of offers
  • 44 % higher margin because of reduced price-offs
Learn more about the advantages of Optimized Discounts and Intershop! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.

Information about So1

Segment of One (SO1) has built the world's most advanced artificial intelligence for grocery retail promotions. SO1 individualizes, optimizes and automates the offers made by retailers to their customers. Our AI is aimed in particular at highly frequented food and near food retailers. It integrates easily into POS systems, analyzes the customer's purchase history and calculates exactly the right impulse (combination of product, discount level and time) to influence his or her purchase decisions in the most efficient way possible. Our solutions enable retailers to deliver to their customers smart individualized offers and appealing content – while driving significant increases in the retailer...