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The IT Recht Kanzlei  is a highly specialised medium sized law company  in the area of ecommerce law which has been operating since 2004. The IT law company focusses on designing legally watertight commercial online presences independent of any online platform by way of advice given by specialist lawyers. In this way the operator can be protected in particular against expensive warning notices. The respective operator of the online presence will be given access to dunning-proof legal texts. Furthermore a full-scope assessment of the online presence as well as the offers published therein is offered within the context of the "protection packages". Such an assessment can take place once or permanently in the context of an optional update service, in case the operator attaches importance to permanent legal security.
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Information about IT Recht Kanzlei

The IT-Recht Kanzlei München has been operating as a middle-sized law firm in the field of IT-law and ecommerce law since 2004. The law firm has its focus on qualified legal consulting in the areas of e-commerce, IT-contract law, procurement law, competition law as well as trademark law and domain law. The law firm covers also covers "exotic" themes such as  food law and medical advertising law. In addition, protection packs, up-date services as well as website checks  certified by a test mark are offered. Furthermore, the law fim is partner of a comprehensive network joined by well-known institutions and companies doing business in the IT  and internet industry.