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For some people, shopping is a fun activity, while for others it is a necessary evil-in both cases, the amounts involved can bi significant. In al corporate scenario, for example, buying something as simple as a pencil with a list price of 40 cents can incur total costs of 70 euros when internal processes, approval procedures, and delays are taken into account. With other items - such as production materials - the cost discrepancy is even greater. When it comes to controlling this drain on financial resources, the Internet has become a crucial ordering and management tool: e-procurement has become synonymous with streamlined, cost-effective processes. The systems implemented by Dutch systems house ESIZE are powered by proven Enfinity software form Intershop Communications. Enfinity's Procurement Channel was developed specifically for online corporate procurement. This solution has been deployed by the Dutch ministries of finance and social affairs/employment, as well as online bookseller Bruna.

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