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Case Study: Elkjøp

Thriving Online Business Fuels Sales Growth

Throughout Scandinavia and parts of Eastern Europe, customers shopping for telecommunications products, consumer electronics, cameras, and computers can find what they want at Elkjøp, a leading provider of electronic goods with more than 8,000 employees and 300 stores in eight countries.

In the huge, sparsely populated countries of Northern Europe, online sales have grown steadily in importance over recent years. Elkjøp wanted to enter the online market at an early stage and was looking for a stable, scalable, and localizable e-commerce solution that would be up and running fast. Implementing the Intershop solution enabled Elkjøp to streamline processes and save costs, while also driving forward their international expansion.
23. NOVEMBER 2018

Black Friday 2018: Elkjop Nordic AS broke any previous record for sales

In the 24 hours of Friday sales, about 60 Million NOK per hour were counted, bringing to a daily total of 1.46 Billion NOK, or more than 150 Million Euro, which means ~50% more than last year. More than two thirds of this was delivered via the #Intershop commerce platform - All of this while keeping a customer satisfaction of 94.5%. The solution is developed and maintained by Accenture in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


25. NOVEMBER 2017

Black Friday: Set a new Nordic trade record

Elkjøp's sales stopped at 1 317 037 903 on Black Friday. There is a new record for trade in one day, no matter the industry in the Nordic region. Elkjøp Nordic increased from last year's record by 39 per cent.

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