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ORBIS is an international business consulting company. ORBIS advises and supports international corporations and medium-sized companies - from IT strategy and system selection through the optimization of business processes to system implementation and integration. ORBIS relies on the solutions of the market leaders SAP and Microsoft, with whom we have a close partnership.
Learn more about the advantages of ORBIS AG and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices. If you need further information, please contact us.
4. DECEMBER 2018

Wenn eine Partnerschaft mehr ist als die Summe ihrer Einzelteile

Wer im deutschsprachigen Raum Microsoft-Dynamics-365-Experten sucht, der wird eher früher als später auf den Namen ORBIS stoßen, die im Bereich D365 for Sales tiefgehende Erfahrungen mitbringen. Schon 2017 zur Deutschen Partnerkonferenz von Microsoft lernten wir ORBIS‘ Key Account Manager Nils Oltenau kennen und schnell wurde klar, wir müssen reden.


25. OCTOBER 2018

ORBIS and Intershop enter into partnership: bundled know-how for customer engagement and e-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The internationally active software and business consulting company ORBIS AG and Intershop Communications AG are bundling their expertise in digitization projects through a strategic partnership. The aim of this partnership is to combine the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in terms of 360-degree customer view and customer interaction, as well as Intershop's e-commerce solution in terms of personalization, proactive customer management, and cross-channel identification of customer preferences based on the latest data.